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"Teddy Disco Bears!"  - this Disco Bear is made with a Smaller Mirror Size, takes longer to make than the one with larger squares.

I have been doing a series of "Checker" designs for shirts for a while now, first one was the Checker Bear design, then Checker Pig, then Checker Unicorn, then most recently my Teddy Checker Disco glow in the dark print. I was curious what the design would look like in 3D and as a disco ball? so I had to make one to see what it would look like and I just love him! I will be planning to make about 10 of the larger 13" size and a few 9" tall ones (that I'm still working on the smaller ones) - 

I'm taking orders as Pre-Orders and will be making them over the next few weeks/months. Each one will be made to order and will take up to 2 weeks to complete. 

The base of the Teddy Bear is foam in order to be light weight and the mirrors are mostly 5mm square mirrors, with other shapes and sizes mixed in to cover every bit of the surface.  

Hand Crafted in our shop in Maine, each Teddy Disco Bear is about 13" tall by 9 1/2" wide & weighs just under 2 pounds. . 

Perfect for a Bar, Bear Club or Bear Run/Event. He has a reinforced eye hook at the top for hanging from a rotating motor or ceiling hook. 

Pin spots in different colors pointing at the Teddy Disco Bear from different angles and sides will create a great lighting effect. Pin spots not included. 


The glass surface can be cleaned with windex and a paper towel gently, Q-tips can be used to get into the tight areas. 

Please handle the item carefully as some edges may be sharp since it's real glass, best to wear white cotton gloves to handle


If you have any questions or are interested in wholesale please contact us at info@ruffstudio.com