I've been quilting on and off since I was young, in mainly the traditional patchwork style. Self taught and still learning as I go. Patchwork quilts have always been my favorite quilt style and the type both of my grandmothers, and great grandmother use to make. I recently got back into quilting when my Partner expressed interest in learning how. In 2020 I had made about 5000 face masks using Bandana fabric, and had saved most of my scraps, with the thought of possibly making a few quilts from it. I've been able to complete a couple of the Bandana quilts and I have enough material to make a couple more and I plan to have them available on here or at vendor fairs in the near future. We have a long arm quilter for the surface stitching that we recently got & the sizes will mainly be Queen to California King and I'll only be making the bandana quilts until my scraps run out, then I will move to other fabrics & to other quilting styles & designs. 

If you have any questions or would like to put in an order for one or inquire about pricing please send an email to us at info@ruffstudio.com


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