Stained Glass Peace Sign 94

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EACH PRODUCT PROFILE IS FOR ONE ITEM (unless otherwise noted) - after it has sold the product profile will go away. Lighting and setting will change the look of the item and of the colors of the glass, photo is for indication only. 

If I make very similar ones with identical glass color combinations I will bulk the pieces into one profile - so the glass piece you get may be slightly different than the one pictured, but I will try to picture all of ones I made in that color combo so you can see the slight variations that you may find. 

EACH ONE IS HANDMADE - using 4 different colors/pieces of glass - apprx 3" in diameter - being a handmade item there will be variations & also being new to working in stained glass the soldering may not be perfect but to me that adds to the unique handmade quality - the Piece sign comes with a leather cord for hanging (I will also send a suction cup window hanger if I have any in stock or you can easily pick one up at most department stores or craft stores) - It is intended for decorative purposes only (not for wearing) leaded solder is used in making the item. Each one is unique & one of a kind, occasionally I will sign one or stamp a word or date on the side (but not on all of them). 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and as much as I enjoy making them - if you want a custom color combo please let me know and I can see what I can do. - 

I will be making some other designs as I am able to - Thank you!

Photo's and Design are © Shane Ruff 2017- - for more information please send an email.