While living in Dorchester, MA from 1994-2010, I exhibited my screen printing work in galleries and cafes in the Boston area and around New England. I had taught myself to screen print in High School in 1989, when I also started my first t-shirt printing business, & my non text book education on screen printing didn't limit me to doing what the technique was always intended, and had to figure things out on my own as I went along. I was doing very abstract work at the time, and still do, it was more of a Mono-Printing technique where each screen print was a one of a kind, when normally screen printing is associated with mass production.  

Some of the works in the Art Print section here are limited edition prints of the T-shirt designs, and others are more abstract pieces that are more in line with my past work, each containing over a hundred layers of printing done over the course of last year. The many layers of printing builds up to create a unique painterly texture to the surface that you can see and feel. Some of the layers of ink are UV ink so the print may glow in the dark slightly or under black light. Before Covid, I started to bring my prints again to shows, with my T-shirts, and they were starting to do well, so I thought I'd try finally adding them to the site. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks very much.

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