We take our Off Printed, Test Shirts, Discontinued & any other extra shirts laying around the shop and recycle them into T-Shirt Yarn. Each Hand Cut & Hand Pulled roll of yarn is apprx 30 yards and we try to keep each roll to about the same yarn thickness. We are excited to have found a new item that continues our goal of offering Eco friendly products that takes what was an often waste product and puts it to good use. We hope you like it and make some GREAT things with them. THANK YOU!

Some Colors will be in VERY limited supply and it all depends on the Scrap Shirts we have extra around the shop - & we will ad them as soon as we can as they are available. We will also be selling them in groups of multiple rolls in various color combinations. & we would love to see what you make out of them. 

We also wecome donations, if you have a lot of T-shirts you want to get rid of that you don't want to fit into any more - we would be happy to recycle them for you. Please email us if interested. THANK YOU!

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